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  • What's The 5% Club?

    The 5% Club is focused on creating momentum behind the recruitment of apprentices and graduates into the workforce. Its members consist of employers in the UK who want to make a difference and support the UK’s ability to compete in increasingly tough global markets.

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  • Joining Us

    The Club is targeted at employers who want to rebalance the economy and build Britain’s long term prosperity through a focus on technical skills to drive innovation.

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  • Members

    Our members have voluntarily signed up to supporting The 5% Club Charter and are committed to making a difference to the UK’s prosperity on the global stage. We have six founding members.

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Welcome to The 5% Club


Thank you for taking an interest in The 5% Club – a Club focused on industry playing an active part in addressing the high levels of youth unemployment and the chronic skills shortage that the UK faces. The 5% Club members are all employers who want to improve the competitiveness of the UK and believe that industry has an important part to play in making that a reality.

The 5% Club membership consists of employers who have signed up to 5% of their UK workforce over the next five years being young people on structured training schemes.

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